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Ahmad Firdaus Ibrahim / riderXDesign showcase

Post  riderx on Wed Dec 30, 2009 5:40 pm

Salams semua...

utk skrg sy update kat sini dgn link online design profile sy di www.coroflot.com/riderx dan blog sy http://riderxdesign.blogspot.com/ (baru buat..takde gambar sgt..)

anyway im still a student at UiTM, minor in transport design and major in product design. my interest is design marketing, very conceptual designs, robotic stuff, racing oriented design dan serious comic stuff/related. hujung tahun 2010 ni insyallah grad dan kembali ke alam kerja... Razz

be free to comment and advice me ok Very Happy , im here to learn as much as i can and share the knowledge that we all know.
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