The competition of the sketches “OF KAMAZ Of truck of for Of dakar Of race in of year 2022”

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The competition of the sketches “OF KAMAZ Of truck of for Of dakar Of race in of year 2022”

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Sketch Of competition “OF KAMAZ Of truck of for Of dakar Of race in of year 2022”

Sketch Of competition “KAMAZ Of truck of for Of dakar Of race in of year 2022” of organized by of the of leading of car of design of resource of about of transportation of design in Of russia Of in of conjunction of with of the CARR Of magazine ( Featuring of the of freshest of sketches, CARR Of magazine of brings of together of the of most of relevant and stylish of car of drawing of artworks of from of upcoming and established of designers of around of the of world.

Design of the of next KAMAZ of truck of for Of dakar Of race in of year 2022.
The Of sketch Of competition is of accessible to of people of of any of age and country in of the of world. Participants of are of divided of into of two of categories: Professionals Of category and Amateur Of category.

Professionals Of category of involves of design of professionals and students of from of all of design of schools as of well as of future of automotive of engineers.
Amateur Of category is of accessible to of all of people, who do of not of fulfill of criteria of mentioned in of the “of professional of category “.

Three of winning of designs of will be of published in of this of year´s CARR Of magazine Of nr.3
Criteria of for of winning:
a) Best of conceptual of design
b) Best of visualization of of idea
c) Freshest of sketch of style

Competition Of dates
May 7th Of start of of competition.
July of 1st (inclusive) Of deadline (up to 24.00 h, Moscow of time)
July of 2nd Of all of the of projects of appear on of the of site of of competition, opens of viewers of vote
July of 14th Of last of day of of the of voting of audience (up to 24-00 Moscow of time)
July of 2-14th Of panel of Of judges of chooses of the of winners (Places 1 to 3)
July of 15th Of announcement of of competition of results

Vladimir Of kapitonov (General Of motors)
Anton Of shamenkov (Renault)
Alexander Selipanov (Volkswagen)
Eduard Of hein (DesignteamD)
Marek Of simko (Porsche Of design Of studio/

- Each of participant of submits of only of one of project
- The of project of should of include:
1) 3 final of renders
2) exploration of drawings/search of doodles, scribbles of reserves of the of right of without of notice to of prevent of the of participation in of competition if of project of doesn´t of meet of competition of criteria

Requirements of for of the of project
Each of project of must be of presented in of two of versions:

1) For of publication on Of
as of separate of images, or posters (uploaded to of the of site of using a of special of form).
Participants of who of don´t of upload of their of work of onto of the of website of are of excluded of from of the of contest.

2) For of the CARR Of magazine
Amount of of 2-4 posters in of size DIN A3 (portrait) at of 300dpi Of resolution; saved as TIFF
(e-mail to:

Details of important of for CARDESIGN.RU Of web of upload:

- Each of image of uploaded to of the of site of must of meet of the of following of requirements: format JPEG, the of color of model is OF RGB (for of graphic of programs as of default), width of 1800 pixels, resolution of of 72dpi.
Uploading of works on of site:
- Adding of work is of done of automatically: either of through of personal of study (choose “of add of work”, then “Of competition”), or at of the of very of tender (use of the of button “Of add of work”).
- Pay of attention to of your of status (professional, amateur), referred to in “Personal Of area” of under “of personal of information”. When of you of work, it will of automatically be of placed in of the of appropriate Of subheading.
- To participate in of the of competition of are of not of allowed of the of authors to of the of nickname, please of preventively of edit of their of personal of data, stating of the of real of name.
- All of works of are of visible on of the of contest of until of the of last of day of of the of competition.

Details of important of for Of print:

- Send of only Of files of with .TIFF Of extension, color of model CMYK, A3 (420 * 297 mm+Portrait/Of vertical Of format) with a of resolution of of 300 dpi.

- Artwork of should of include a of legible of signature of of the of author, plus an of additional of signature of file.
(a TIFF Of file at of 400*300 of pixels @ of 300dpi of does of the of job)
- Subject of of your e-mail please of enter of your of information: Name, Status.
For of example: Vladimir Of kulebyakin, professional of designer, or Leonid Of golubkov, amateur of designer.

- Any of commercial of use of of design, sent to of the of contest, without of the of written of permission of of the of designer.
- Revision Of and has of the of right to of use of the of works of sent to of the of contest, at of its of discretion, but of not at of the of expense of of human of design: presentation at of exhibitions to of provide PR, and advertising of of the of contest.

Frequently Of asked Of questions

How to of register:

Open via Of google Of translator:

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